Whether you have a rent review, a lease renewal or another property dispute you should always look to appoint an Expert Witness to act for you from the outset.


The reason is very simple.


If negotiations fail and the matter has to go to a Court or Third Party, you will need to provide evidence  to support your case. 


The stronger your evidence, the more likely you will win and an Expert Witness will always have an advantage over someone who is just a Surveyor.


Professional work at JMA is only carried out by Chartered Surveyors that hold the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (APAEWE).


That is why we win so many cases for our clients at Court and Tribunal.


But it is also key to negotiating the best deal, as an Expert Witness isn't just able to make his case but also able to pull apart the other sides case and so leave his clients' opponent exposed to "costs" if he doesn't settle.


Expert Witness services are generally provided on an hourly rate of £275-£300 per hour plus VAT and some disputes can be resolved in as little as 3 hours.


Please call 0207 663 5668 if you have a rent review, lease renewal or other property dispute.