Rent Reviews


JMA are uniquely placed to deal with rent review negotiations as our Rating Appeal work has given us access to large databases of rental evidence.


This enables us to work out the Market Rent for a property quickly and easily which is key to being in a strong negotiating position.


As we are RICS trained Expert Witnesses, when negotiations fail we are also best placed to present evidence before any independent Third Party.


We can also advise you on Calderbank Offers designed to help you get the best deal and keep your costs and risks to a minimum


Lease Renewal


When your lease comes to an end, the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 will, generally, give you the right to a new lease on the same terms at the Market Rent.


A lease renewal can often "make or break" a business as it is not just an opportunity to renegotiate a rent but it is an opportunity to re-negotiate the lease terms. 


All the specific terms of a lease impact on the rent you should pay and two leases on neighbouring properties often should have different rents because of lease terms. 


We understand the value of lease terms in a way your Solicitor will not and that is key to any lease renewal negotiation


Please fee free to call us, without obligation,  to discuss any rent review or lease renewal case




Standard hourly rate of £275-£300 per hour plus VAT or on a fixed fee basis.